Saturday, April 08, 2006

Shri Guru Birthday celebrations (20th & 21st April 2006)

" Shri Guru Charana Kamaleghyo Namah"

On the occasion of Param Poojya Sadgurudev Swamy Paramahansa Sri Nikhileshwaranand Ji ( Dr . Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji) Birthday celebrations on 20th and 21st april 2006 are to be held at Sri Nikhil Chetana Kendra. Pulimamidi(V), Kandukuru (M) Ranga Reddy Dist(A.P).

By the grace of Sadgurudev these two days (20th and 21st April 2006) are observed with the main motive, to become man in physical status, spiritual status with Rishi tatva. Sadhana is the only way. where we get perfectness.

All Sadhaks are invited to this great occasion and to expreience the fruits of the Sadhana Sampatti

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